Hi there,Kromatic Product Update Newsletter

We’re getting close to a general release of our new Calibration Training tool!

This release includes a few hundred questions for training.

Once we go into general release, this tool will have limited access unless you are in our Innovation Accounting Program.

So please check it out now and learn how to make better estimates.

Why are making estimates important? To build a business you need to estimate:

  • Market size
  • Price points
  • Sustainability impact
  • Conversion rates
  • Launch dates
  • … pretty much everything.

And if you’re wrong, it might kill your business.

Yes – making estimates is shockingly important to turn something from a hobby into a real sustainable business.

We really want your feedback on this tool so we’re making it publicly available during this beta launch for a limited time only. After that, you’ll need to join our Innovation Accounting Program for $2,500 to get access.

Take advantage of this tool while it’s free and help us work out the glitches!

Tristan Kromer

Founder & CEO, Kromatic

Become a faster, more confident decision-maker

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