Kromatic is a small team that makes a big impact. We are a global partnership of innovation coaches, trainers, and consultants that teach organizations around the world how to make innovation a core competency.
We work with some of the biggest clients from all sectors – corporate (Walmart, Unilever, Salesforce), non-profits (Cancer Research UK, United Way), and governments (US and UK) – to help them innovate. We get to work on projects tht range from protecting children’s welfare to creating new lines of business, and have even served on the ice cream board of innovation! (Yes - that is a real thing.)
We offer scalable training programs (online and offline), innovation team coaching, and consulting, all of which is supported by a platform of tools, templates, and know-how we call KIT – the Kromatic Innovation Toolkit.

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What makes Kromatic special

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Our focus on continuous improvement

Flexiblity & agile thinking

A place where you grow and belong
Constantly develop your skill set with access to conferences and workshops
Feel valued, heard, safe, and empowered.
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Open positions

We are looking for a marketing leader that can help transform an innovation consulting firm into a product-led organization. We have developed a comprehensive line of products and services that we have used to train large organizations at scale, and would now need to scale up our marketing efforts. We need a marketing head to work directly with CEO Tristan Kromer to craft a strategy that will improve our performance marketing and consistently generate sales leads.

  • Duties & Responsibilities
    • Convert marketing practices into leads that ultimately result in sales of Kromatic products and services.
    • Define metrics to hold yourself and your team accountable to expectations.
    • Create a clear dashboard to show progress, failure, and return on your team’s efforts.
    • Experiment with organic and inorganic channels to validate marketing hypotheses and optimize conversion rates.
    • Take complete responsibility for the outcome of marketing efforts, including content marketing, events, distribution, conversion rate optimization, analytics, and SEO.
    • Work with a team of full-time, part-time, and contract workers to achieve company goals, and consult on potential new hires to the marketing team.
    • Work autonomously. You are the marketing subject matter expert, capable of making confident decisions.
    • Direct marketing strategy supported by experimentation, data, and analytics.
  • Skills

    Strategy and Prioritization

    • You should not just react to requests, but actively craft a strategy that allows us to prioritize limited time and resources on the most effective actions.
    • You should be able to create clear goals and identify risks and decision points where our strategy may need to change.
    • You must be flexible to deal with changing circumstances in an agile environment while maintaining a focus on generating leads for the business. As a consulting company primarily working with startups and innovators, we use lean and agile methodology, which means we expect our teammates to be able to pivot appropriately when new information becomes available.

    Analytics and Experimentation

    • You know how to make decisions based on the best data available.
    • You can balance sample size and margin of error when designing experiments, and can still make decisions even if results are quantitatively indeterminate.
    • You know how to run simple experiments to quantitatively demonstrate which channels would be most effective for lead generation.
    • You can use analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Heap Analytics, Ahrefs, Amplitude, Segment, MixPanel, etc., to show progress, failure, and return on your team’s efforts. (You don’t have to be familiar with ALL of them, you just need a solid understanding of how these tools work.)
    • You can read and interpret the reports provided by analytics tools.
    • You can identify key metrics to generate marketing reports.
    • You are comfortable enough with these tools to conduct high-quality, independent analysis.
    • You should be familiar with demonstrating ROI with difficult-to-measure activities such as in a multi-touch sales and marketing process where the client may connect with us via events, our website, our blog, and social media before making contact as a lead.

    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    • You should be able to convert website visitors into a consistent stream of sales leads.
    • You should be comfortable (or able to learn) tools such as OptIn Monster to optimize conversion rates for CTAs and campaigns on our websites and across marketing channels.
    • CRO activities may include:
    • Drip campaigns for users who engage or download content
    • Transactional messages through tools like Intercom
    • Pop-ups
    • In-line CTAs

    Content Optimization

    • Our primary marketing method is content marketing (blog posts, social posts, downloadable texts, templates, videos, interactive content, etc.), so you should be intimately familiar with how content marketing works and how to best utilize content to grow an audience and convert them into sales leads.
    • You should be able to determine priorities on content topics (creating new content and updating existing content) and work with our writers and editors to optimize our efforts.
    • You should be familiar with how to integrate SEO into our content-building efforts, including:
    • On-page
    • Off-page
    • Backlink building
    • You should be able to draft basic copy (landing pages, popups, designs, product and service descriptions, etc.) and work with our Communications Director to help guide our content choices for maximum impact.
    • You should have working familiarity with WordPress.


    • You should able to help us maximize our distribution goals the same way we want to maximize our content choices, including:
    • Managing mailing lists with tools like Mailchimp.
    • Helping determine appropriate events and speaking engagements for our coaches, such as conferences and webinars.
    • Distribution via outside newsletters and partners.
    • Cold outreach to potential clients and partners.
    • Social media:
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Clubhouse
    • Paid advertising
  • Salary & Benefits
    • Flexible working hours - if you get your work done on time, we don’t care when you do it.
    • Work from anywhere. If you can coordinate with our international team, we don’t care where you live.
    • Flexible paid time off.
    • Competitive salary.
    • Virtual social events.
    • Challenging work assignments.
    • Development opportunities and opportunity to make an impact.
  • The Weird Stuff
    • We are a remote, highly distributed team and it requires some work hours flexibility and odd meeting times.
    • Your roles and responsibilities will likely shift over time.
    • There is a high degree of ambiguity and success is uncertain.
  • Send your application to
    [email protected]

The Training Program Manager will be responsible for running Kromatic’s training operations worldwide. Our in-person and online training programs range from one-day workshops to monthslong programs. Your job will be to oversee the administration of our programming, including planning, organizing, scheduling, budgeting, and managing program activities.


  • Duties & Responsibilities

      Program Administration

      • Organize all of the training programs
      • Maintain a program calendar
      • Troubleshoot program issues
      • Act as main contact point for program attendees and facilitators
      • Respond timely to attendee requests

      Program Operations

      • Manage scheduling and logistics for all training programs
      • Execute with the intention of delivering a high quality experience for program attendees
      • Schedule, onboard, and communicate with program facilitators
      • Establish and manage standard operating procedures for program activities
      • Conduct customer surveys for onboarding, offboarding, and feedback
      • Communicate progress and performance

      Continuous Improvement

      • Identify areas we can improve upon
      • Collect qualitative feedback from attendees and alumni
      • Collect quantitative feedback from attendees via surveys
      • Personally observe training programs
      • Synthesize insights and communicate to marketing and product teams
      • Implement improvements to the process and to the client experience
  • Skills & Competencies
    • Organized and consistent
    • Able to navigate the small details
    • Capable with Google Calendar, Calendly, Slack, Mural, Trello, mail merges
    • Professional verbal and written communications
    • Superior time-management skills
  • Salary & Benefits
    • Flexible working hours
    • Work from anywhere
    • Paid time off
    • Competitive salary
    • Online social events with the team
    • Challenging work assignments
    • Development opportunities
  • The Weird Stuff
    • We are a remote, highly distributed team and it requires some work hours flexibility and odd meeting times.
    • Your roles and responsibilities will likely shift over time.
    • There is a high degree of ambiguity and success is uncertain.
  • Send your application to
    [email protected]

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