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Product/Market Fit Storyboard

A template for designing early-stage user experience to achieve Product / Market fit. Based on the Business Model Canvas by Alexander Osterwalder, this product storyboard will help you develop a real MVP for your concept, along with quantitative metrics and a basic business model.

When to Use it
  • Use the product storyboard when you're asking these questions: 
  • What are the most important things to measure in our product? 
  • How can we make sense of too much data?
Who Should Use It

Teams that want to combine qualitative research with real metrics to measure their solution's effectiveness.

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How it Works

Download Product Market Fit Storyboard

  • Map all the little things that have to happen for you to deliver the user experience by organizing the frames on the product storyboard Remember that the user doesn’t care about what technology you use.
  • Minimize the story to reduce complexity. Remove anything that does not provide value, until you have one viable product that can actually deliver something to the customer. 
  • A clean product storyboard will represent an MVP that you can test in the real world. You will need measurable data that will tell you if it's ideal from your customer's point of view. 
  • Mark metrics that indicate user happiness. These metrics often represent leading indicators of retention. Identify the one metric that matters. This metric should integrate directly into your financial model. 
  • Design an experiment. Make sure that you can instrument all of your metrics, identifying anything that you cannot measure along the way. Adjust the storyboard to enable measurement so you can convert your storyboard into an experiment.

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