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Customer Discovery Note Taking Template

A note taking template for live customer discovery interviews. Best printed out and used with a pen for in person interviews.

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When to Use It

Can be used for any interview, but particularly useful for in-person meetings. (For remote interviews, try our collaborative Google doc.)

  • Great for running experiments that help you gain more insight into your product.
  • Ideal for a startup to test their prototype or MVP (minimum viable product).
  • Useful as a canvas to test customer reaction to product usability.
  • Detailed notes often reveal blind spots we have when we are just listening.
  • If you are not taking notes, you are not listening.
Who Should Use It

Teams that are doing customer discovery interviews and need an easy way to take live notes. If you are trying to gather information about how potential customers view your product, this template helps you frame your questions and test your hypothesis.

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How It Works

A note taking template helps you organize your questions and answers, and understand the types of notes that you should focus on. Download this resource to help you frame your hypothesis, structure your interview questions, and record customer details like:

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  • How has the participant’s body language shifted? 
  • What emotions are they displaying at different parts of the interview? 
  • How is their body language conveying information to you? 
  • What did the customer say? 
  • What did you observe? 
  • What facts did they convey? (Not your interpretation of them.) 
  • Always consider how you can improve your interview technique as you go.  

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