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In case you are wondering – yes, we are actually launching a lot of real products this year, not just templates and services. So without further ado…

tl;dr: Train yourself to know what innovation methods to use when with this handy flashcards quiz.


Are flashcards the most exciting thing in the world or are they just going to give you traumatic flashbacks to cramming for a final in your dorm room days?

Well, it’s pretty exciting if you can save yourself hundreds of hours of development time and thousands of wasted marketing dollars by running the right experiment at the right time before you launch your product!

This is a simple tool we use in our Running Better Experiments Program to help entrepreneurs understand whether they should be running a Concierge Test or a Wizard of Oz test. (They are not the same and it’s based on what you want to learn.)

These Innovation Flashcards work well with The Real Startup Book Online as a free contribution to the startup and corporate innovator community. Also great for students and accelerator programs.

We really hope you enjoy – please let us know if you have any feedback!

Thank you and happy reading,

Tristan Kromer

Founder & CEO, Kromatic

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