Hi there,

It’s springtime and that means we’re doing some big picture planning as we sweep out the cupboards.

Here’s what we’ve got planned.

New training roadmap

New Training Roadmap

We’re running cohort 15 of our Innovation Accounting Training on May 28th to help answer that dangerous question from the CEO, “So what’s the ROI?”

But there’s more to come. We’ve recently recorded 12 new modules of content including training on Retrospectives, Pre-mortems, Root Cause Analysis, Writing Problem Statements and more!

We’ll be packaging these into some brand new training programs over the next few months – including a course on how to build and MVP the right way based on a customer journey map or storyboard. product management for startups.

Interesting in learning more about our training roadmap for your organization? Book a call here.


Innovation and Project Management Templates

Pivot or Persevere Template


You probably know, Kromatic has a lot of templates. So many, that even we get confused as to what is where.

Over the next few months we’ll be releasing updates to all our templates – most of which are available for free under creative commons licensing.

These updates will include:

  • Improved design (they look pretty!)
  • Clearer categorization (easy to tell what’s what)
  • Examples of usage (so you can use it!)

We’ve already released our updated Pivot or Persevere Template but look for more each month.


Innovation Accounting Alumni Webinar

Innovation Accounting Alumni WebinarWe’ll be hosting a special webinar on Innovation Accounting for our alumni to bring them the latest updates on our training and the Monte Carlo template. This includes:

  • New Pivot or Persevere Videos – new training on how to make effective PoP decisions
  • Import Functions – bring your financial or impact model directly into the template with a couple clicks.
  • Improved speed – Options to improve performance by disabling the hurricane chart.
  • More FAQ videos – To give you the answers you need.

This event is only open to alumni, but you can join our next Innovation Accounting Training on May 28th.


…and one three more things…

We have three more big projects coming down the pipeline including:

  • Startup Poker (Learn to make decisions in uncertainty by playing poker)
  • Theory of Constraints (Learn how to manage process bottlenecks)
  • Orca (The mystery project)

In the meantime, check out our last release, still available during beta: Calibration Training – improving estimates and business predictions.


Thank you!
Tristan Kromer
Founder & CEO, Kromatic



Become a faster, more confident decision-maker

Learn how to make better pivot or persevere decisions on your real project by building a hypothesis-driven financial model. Innovation Accounting is a six-week training program taught by real entrepreneurs with real experience and you’ll get results you can use right away. Our next course kicks off May 28, 2024. Reserve a seat