Hi there,Kromatic Product Update Newsletter

tl;dr: Check out the Real Startup Book Online! And if you have ideas, contribute! 

Since we first released the Real Startup Book in 2015 we’ve been honored with the response. As a free resource to the community, it’s used by entrepreneurs and universities all over the world thanks to our open source contributors who have made this possible.

It’s been a while since we’ve updated the RSB – and it definitely needs a second edition. But our first step today is to improve online access with this release.

You’ll see a new navigation menu (click on the hamburger on the top left), better styling, and it’s all linked to github so we can easily update the content and have it update live.

As we get to work on updates, we have two asks for you:

  1. Found a bug? Let us know.

  2. Contribute!

If you’re an entrepreneur with a brand new way of testing customer demand, market sizing, pricing, or any other aspect of your business – reply to this message and let us know what you’d like to add to the book.

Thank you and happy reading,

Tristan Kromer

Founder & CEO, Kromatic

Don’t forget to check out our other free Kromatic resources – we are always here to help you invest in today, tomorrow, and the future!

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