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You may know I’ve been slowly, slowly, slowly working on a Creative Commons project called the Startup Real Book to help startup figure out what type of experiment/research to run and when. It’s the most useful framework I have for coaching startups.

I use it to quickly identify both what they’re doing wrong and a likely fix. (You can get on the download list here.)

However, the current format has been described as:

6 ambiguous scribbles. That’s a book?

True true! I’ve fallen into my own trap. I’ve been:

…so work on the book has been a little slow and I’m looking for some help!

Lean Startup Interns Wanted

Lean Startup Interns Needed - Yay!If you or someone you know is interested in getting practical experience with lean startup, I’d love to talk!

As a lean startup intern, you’d get to:

  • Work directly with me and my team, learning how to coach startups
  • Design and execute marketing experiments
  • Learn how accelerators work and how to improve them
  • Interview thought leaders
  • Research and write case studies

What qualifies a Lean Startup Intern?

  • Curiosity – A strong desire to learn
  • Integrity – If you say you’ll do it, it gets done.
  • Humor – Bonus points if you know the movie reference buried in my last blog post’s title
  • Teamwork – We often have to work alone, but work best when working together during lean startup jobs

If you’re interested, please email me. You can either guess my email (which shouldn’t be hard) or send me a message here.

You can read a bit more about interning with me on my company site Kromatic.com

If you’re just interested in getting on the download list for the Real Book, you can sign up here:


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