Define a vision for the future, a path to get there, and effective watchtowers to see when disruption is coming.

Innovation Strategy

Define a vision for the future, a path to get there, and effective watchtowers to see when disruption is coming. This module puts your company on the path towards self-disruption, helping you stay on the leading edge of your market and allowing you to get out in front of your competitors -- and stay there.
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Who is this for?
CEOs, Business Unit Leaders, and VPs of Innovation

Organizations that invest a lot of money into innovation projects are often disappointed with the results. The projects seems misaligned with the strategy, but there often isn't a strategy to begin with. Even when there is, most team members can't even understand it. Without that strategy, innovation projects will not be aligned and great ideas may wind up being orphaned from their organizations when potential sponsors ignore disruptive ideas that would upset the status quo. Ideally use this module before investing in innovation and to rework strategy on a regular cadence as new information becomes available.

How It Works
Our experienced coach guides you through each step, giving you direct feedback on your work and helping you develop innovation as a core competency. You will use your own projects to ensure that the theory is immediately applied to real-world scenarios.
Real Projects
Get individual feedback on your real projects at your job.
Focused Teaching
Get 2-4 hours of focused teaching on a specific skill.
Interactive Sessions
You will interact with the facilitator and the other attendees to run exercises.
Materials & Frameworks
Get self-paced learning materials and frameworks.
What you will learn
" Kromatic’s hands-on introduction to Lean Startup and its guiding principles was a complete wake-up call for my startup, forcing us to launch our MVP and learn fast. "
Ryan Bruels
Vice President of Engineering
" Kromatic’s workshop was incredibly engaging and interactive. Every detail was carefully thought out, from the design-thinking approach to clear and visually engaging material. "
Kathryn Haydon
Innovation Strategist
" It helped to think through a new lens on how to measure the middle space between initial vanity metrics and long-term revenue/product results. "
Kyle Smith
Ignite Manager, Lean Innovation
American Family Insurance
" Rigorous is a great word to describe Kromatic. The pace is fast and intense. It’s part of their ethos that you need to learn and fail quickly. "
Brendan Sheehan
Chief Financial Officer
" Our coach helped us to identify the most important steps to take, and we always had a clear objective and action plan at the end of a conversation. "
James Bryce Smith
A Complete Curriculum
Each workshop is only part of the journey. Each program contains all the skills you need to make real progress and show real results. Whether you are part of an innovation team, you are coaching teams, or leading a business unit as an innovation leader, our programs will give you the skills to succeed.
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