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With a Kromatic coach by your side, your innovation teams will work more efficiently, saving your projects time and money.

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A Typical Week with a Kromatic Coach

Prioritize Risks
We start by reviewing your project with you and selecting the most important risk to mitigate.

Experiment Design
We frame the risk as a question and figure out the data you need to answer that question.


Before we start collecting data, we decide if we need to write code, build prototypes, or recruit users. This is our “build” day of the Build, Measure, Learn cycle.

Wednesday & Thursday

Ad Hoc Coaching
Teammates disagree. Customers are hard to find. Results arrive early. Coaches are always here to answer questions in between sessions.

Stakeholder Management
Stakeholders work with our coaches to review what experiments are being run and why.

Pairing on Experiments
Coaches work with teams to run their experiments and collect the right data.


Once the experiments are complete, we run a debrief session and turn the data into actions and next steps.

After the debrief, we reflect on how the test was run so we can conduct experiments more efficiently and collect more useful data.

" Validating product-market fit before starting development was a big step forward for our business. "
Brendan Sheehan
" Our coach helped us to identify the most important steps to take, and we always had a clear objective and action plan at the end of a conversation. "
James Bryce Smith,
Founder, Magnetize
" Kromatic’s hands-on introduction to Lean Startup and its guiding principles was a complete wake-up call for my startup, forcing us to launch our MVP and learn fast. "
Ryan Bruels,
Founder, Dunno
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