Real Startup Book: 2nd Update

We have a new update for the Real Startup Book available here:


For those unfamiliar with this project, please read our first update.

Since the Real Startup Book is under Creative Commons, anyone will be able to use, remix, and rehash what we come up with under the terms of that license. If you’re not familiar with Creative Commons, it basically means the book will be like open source software: free to use for the benefit of the community.

It will also be written by the community. Everyone who contributes will be listed as an author.

Getting Feedback

What we most need right now is feedback from you.

We’re asking for feedback at every stage of the process. Comments and corrections are critical to getting this project right!

Our staging server is google drive and you can access The Real Startup Book draft. [UPDATE: Sorry, no longer using gdrive for RSB] Just ask and we’ll give you commenting access.

You can also download the pdf version here and send us feedback. You can tweet @RealStartupBook as well. Anything works.


What should we change?

Is there anything we should be doing that we’re not? Some test we should be running better?

Probably…please let us know in the comments below.