Stakeholder Management

Politics can wreck innovation if you don't play it smart and keep everyone happy.

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“I loved Kromatic's Workshop. Great inspiration!”

Guy Van Wijmeeersch
Director Innovation & Design Thinking, Barco

“Kromatic’s hands-on introduction to Lean Startup and its guiding principles was a complete wake-up call for my startup, forcing us to launch our MVP and learn fast.”

Ryan Bruels
Emerging Technology, Starbucks

How It Works

Online Interactive Workshop

This workshop will be led by a facilitator going through live exercises, as well as use your real projects to ensure that the theory is immediately applied to real world scenarios.

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Real Projects

Get individual feedback on your real projects at your job.

Interactive Sessions

You will interact with the facilitator and the other attendees to run exercises.

Focused Teaching

Get 2-4 hours of focused teaching on a specific skill.

Materials & Frameworks

Get self-paced learning materials and frameworks.

Stakeholder Management

How can an innovation project avoid typical political hurdles of large companies? We will discuss how different cultures, industry domains, and companies contain groups and individuals with more power than others. We will explore how power manifests itself through position or some other currency of influence such as reputation or prior success. We will address how entrepreneurs and innovation leaders can apply the very same empathy-building skills to “learn about” their customers and engage their relevant stakeholders inside and outside organization or ecosystem. We will learn how such empathy building activities with relevant stakeholders enable definition of aligned goals and metrics and thereby enable mutual value creation for both parties and the overall innovation ecosystem

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