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Kromatic guided us to make fast progress on validating our business concept.
Our coach helped us to identify the most important steps to take and we always had a clear objective and action plan at the end of a conversation. Our discoveries through target user interviews enabled us to strip away the parts of the concept that were non-essential to customers and focus on what was important.
James Bryce Smith
I loved the creative and collaborative approach to measuring innovation health, not through what people are saying, but from observable behaviors.
It helped to think through a new lens on how to measure the middle space between initial vanity metrics and long-term revenue/product results.
Kyle Smith
Innovation Catalyst
American Family Insurance
Rigorous is a great word to describe Kromatic. The pace is fast and intense.
It’s part of their ethos that you need to learn and fail quickly. But the weekly sessions helped us prioritize the insights and to dig deeper on the issues that really mattered. Kromatic set the bar much higher than we would have on our own. Validating product-market fit before starting development was a big step forward for our business.
Brendan Sheehan
I loved Kromatic's workshop. Great inspiration!
Guy Van Wijmeersch
Director Innovation And Design Thinking
Kromatic’s hands-on introduction to Lean Startup and its guiding principles was a complete wake-up call for my startup, forcing us to launch our MVP and learn fast.
Ryan Bruels
Director of Emerging Technology
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Cancer Research UK
Cuna Mutual Group
European Investment Bank
Koadak Alaris
Munich RE
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UK Government
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