Team Coaching

A 3-month program pairing one of our experienced coaches with your team to run weekly innovation sprints that help you design and debrief real experiments, helping your team turn data into insights and learn new lean and agile ways of working.

Real Projects

Get individual feedback on your real projects at your job.

Interactive Sessions

You will interact with the facilitator and the other attendees to run exercises.

Focused Teaching

Get 2-4 hours of focused teaching on a specific skill.

Materials & Frameworks

Get self-paced learning materials and frameworks.

The Team Coaching Program is a 3-month partnership with one of our experienced coaches helping your innovation team design and debrief real experiment sprints. Every lesson is applied to your actual innovation project, so progress is real and tangible.

Your team is provided access to 12 modules of self-paced content, covering a wide range of frameworks, tools, and experiment methods. Coaches are available on demand to help teams turn data into insights and learn new lean and agile ways of working.

At the end of the program, your team will have made clear progress validating or invalidating a business model, as well as developed the skills to continue making progress on their own.

  • Fast-Paced
  • Flexible
  • Learn side by side with experienced coaches and innovators
  • Lessons applied to your actual projects
  • Interactive online modules
  • 3 months of content
  • Remote facilitation
  • 12 modules of material on frameworks, tools, and techniques
  • Substitute module topics based on project type and status
  • Unlimited ad hoc calls

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