For Strategy-Minded Executives

Innovation Leadership

A 12-module, on-demand program for busy executives who need to lead teams and make strategic decisions under the constant risk of disruption.

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Real Projects

Get individual feedback on
your real projects at your job.

Focused Teaching

Get 2-4 hours of focused
teaching on a specific skill.

Interactive Sessions

You will interact with the
facilitator and the other
attendees to run exercises.

Materials & Frameworks

Get self-paced learning
materials and frameworks.

Who It's For

Our Innovation Leadership Program is a 12-module, on-demand program for busy executives who need to lead teams through times of uncertainty and under the constant threat of disruption.

How It Works

Our coaches will help you learn how to decentralize your decision-making process so decisions are made by the people with the most information. We will also examine different governance models used to manage your company strategy and portfolio.

What You Learn

Our focused modules will help you set goals, map innovation obstacles and metrics of success, and manage a sustainable innovation ecosystem.

What You Get


Self-paced & flexible

Interactive online modules

Remote facilitation


Step-by-step modules

Helpful frameworks and tools

Lessons applied to actual projects

Substitute modules available based on project type and status


Side-by-side learning with experienced innovators

World-class coaches

Unlimited assistance calls

12 Modules

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