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This facilitation guide contains instructions and notes to help coaches prepare their lessons and guide others through identifying stakeholders who can influence your project and taking thoughtful, actionable steps to guide their impact.

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Nic Werner
My happy place is taking solid core products and expanding into the adjacent opportunities. I dive into the full customer journey, find their other pains, and bring that solution to market. As a serial entrepreneur and consultant to Fortune 500 firms, I’ve been doing this for over a decade. For my teams, I bring deep product craft. I champion user-centered design, coaching junior PMs in the core skills, and boosting senior PMs with their goals. At the executive level, I bring the confidence of our Mission, but the candor of the challenges we’re facing. I work best with other leaders when we can put all the pieces on the table, and work together to figure out what we’re seeing. I’m an urban planning geek and love cities and citizens. I’m pushing hard on AEC and the RE industry to do better for our cities and citizens, whether that’s aided by technology or facilitating better ways to collaborate with each other.
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