Kromatic Product Update Newsletter

Hi there,

We’ve been busy designing new approaches to innovation at Kromatic, and I  wanted to catch you up on some resources we’ve been working on. Check out our latest free templates below!

Sprint Retrospective Template

Break your retros down into these essential elements: What went well? What didn’t go well? What do you want to change for next time?

Sprint Review Template

It’s always helpful to review your sprint at the end! This template will help you share insights generated, make decisions, and celebrate progress from each sprint.

Daily Standup Template

Daily standups are a valuable tool for keeping the team connected and focused on the goals from the sprint planning meeting. This template helps teams design and document their daily standups.

Sprint Planning Template

Help your team establish a sprint goal, and then use that goal as the basis to determine which experiment backlog items they should work on during that sprint.

Backlog Grooming Template

Make sure you have a healthy “bucket” of work to pull from when your’re planning your sprints. The backlog should connect you to your roadmap and your longer-term goals.


We also have new dates for our Running Better Experiments Program! This five-week series of live sessions and online exercises shows you how to design the right kinds of experiments for your innovation projects, as well as how to refine your experiment process to reduce bias, uncover actionable results, and define clear next steps. Our next cohort starts October 24!

Are you looking for a specific tool, resource, or program to help you with your innovation project? Let us know!

Become a faster, more confident decision-maker

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