Interactive Innovation Simulation Program

Kromatic’s unique Interactive Innovation Simulation Program (IISP) helps you master the skills and mindsets of Silicon Valley innovators, and then incorporate that knowledge and practice into your own work.

Designed by experienced entrepreneurs, our online simulations teach you to design and debrief experiments that mimic real-world innovation scenarios, helping you turn data into insights and learn new Lean and Agile ways of working.

What We Offer

Kromatic is the only innovation coaching service of its kind. Our coaches bring real-world entrepreneurial experience to their pedagogy, creating interactive innovation simulations that guide you through practical application of what can otherwise be abstract, theoretical frameworks. Simulations of real-world scenarios is a proven, effective method of helping students learn faster and retain more knowledge.

Supporting that pedagogy is an online, fully accessible library of innovation resources, including frameworks, templates, articles, videos, and workshops, all searchable by filtering for innovation stage or type. Every student is given access to this custom-designed database of more than 300 resources, ranging from experiment design templates, to decision-making matrices, to case studies of innovators that have tried and failed and learned from their mistakes.

What They Don’t

There are several academic and private innovation programs on the market, each with their own focus and their own drawbacks. Some are offered online, but have no interactive component. Some are interactive, but the coaches have no real-world entrepreneurial experience. Some are taught by experienced entrepreneurs, but the material is limited to theory with no practical application component.

Kromatic’s IISP brings the whole package together into one comprehensive learning system, filling in the knowledge, experience, and delivery gaps missed by piecemeal programs.

What You Learn

Kromatic interactive innovation simulations replicate the real-world experience of entrepreneurs by using failure as a key teaching component. Few entrepreneurs succeed with their first idea. Knowing how to dissect a failure, learn from it, and persevere towards your goal is an important aspect of the entrepreneurial mindset.

That’s where our online, interactive, decision-making training comes in. Our simulations incorporate teaching theoretical frameworks with real case studies customized to the client. By grounding the curriculum in your specific field, the value of the framework becomes immediate and practical for your needs.

Sample simulation lessons include:

  • Reducing risk by spreading out investments over several alternatives and increasing investment as the risk fluctuates.
  • Calculating desired sample sizes for a given Margin of Error.
  • Comparing multiple sets of quantitative data using A/B testing methods.
  • Quantifying progress in individual projects to inform go / no go decisions.
  • Using Monte Carlo analysis to make better predictions.
  • How to maintain industry relevance by seeking out and investing in newer opportunities.
  • Using ROI and likelihood-of-success scenarios to measure potential projects for both the transformational and core investments.
  • Improving productivity in one area without creating a bottleneck in another.
  • Understanding the relationship between supply chains and gains of scale.
  • Removing slack in the system to maximize productivity without creating missed opportunities.

And IISP stays with you for life, giving every student the tools they need to teach basic innovation principles to their teams.

Our Innovation Team

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Tristan Kromer
Nic Werner
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