Fear the Zebra


Announcing the “Fear the Z.E.B.R.A.” coffee mug!

Fear the Z.E.B.R.A.” coffee mug

One year ago, we published In Defense of the Hi.P.P.O.

The Hi.P.P.O.This is where we coined the term Z.E.B.R.A., which stands for Zero Evidence But Really Arrogant. The Zebra is a far more disreputable animal than the hippo.

Brian Wood said he wanted a “Fear the Z.E.B.R.A.” coffee mug for meetings. We assume he was speaking for all of you.

Well it took a while, but your mug has arrived!

Pick up your own Z.E.B.R.A. Mug

Just a helpful reminder to keep yourself honest and data-driven. Enjoy with your beverage of choice!