Innovation Workshop Facilitation: Cheat Sheet

Concept: Innovation Workshop Facilitation

Goal: What supplies do you need to facilitate workshops?

Checklist for Office Supplies

Checklist for Facilities

  • Tables (for group exercises and discussions)
  • Projector
  • VGA Adapter for Macbooks
  • Projector Screen (or a blank wall)
  • Wifi & Internet (make sure everyone knows the password)
  • Contact information for the IT/facilities administrator (even the Fortune 500 have broken projector screens)
  • Directions for restrooms
  • Backup computer equipment is optional

Checklist for Food and Beverages

  • Workshops:
    • Beverages (e.g., Coffee, Tea, Water)
    • Food: (e.g., Fruit & Vegetable Platter, Bagels, Muffins)
    • Lunch
    • Avoid heavy food for longer workshops
  • Brown Bags:
    • Beverages (e.g., Coffee, Tea, Water)
    • Lunch or dinner

Checklist for Recorded and/or Web-Hosted Workshops

  • Dry run on webinar hosting for both the presenter’s laptop and the back-up laptop
  • Test if microphone & speakers are working and calibrated

Checklist for Following Up After Innovation Workshop

  • Workshop booklets and handouts
  • Net Promotor Score Surveys
  • Download link for workshop slides and/or webinar recording
  • Contact information of both workshop attendees and facilitators

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